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Aleksandr Muravja

aka Kyberorg

About me

SysOp engineer and Software craftsman. Mainly dealing with Linux, Networks, Kubernetes and Infra automation. Developing in Java and Golang. Born and grown in Siberia.
I am also licensed HamRadio operator. My callsign is KC3YRA.

About my name

Aleksandr Muravja (read as written) - preferred, general use.
Alexander Muravya - official documents only.
So Aleksandr Muravya = Alexander Muravya.

Free/Goodwill Services

PGP Key and fingerprint

My PGP fingerprint is 0D77 6C8B 45AA CCEA 04FA F2FE 7096 A50E 13E7 75D0. Public key is here.

My code and projects

Let's speak

Feel free to contact me at
I speak: English, Russian, Estonian and a little bit of Ukrainian.

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